Cross building Commander Genius for MacOS using a Linux System

This is for people who don’t own a Mac or just want to automate a build without relying on such system, because you know…

Having a Linux build server for different build releases is much better. That also means, that the builds are compiled and linked, but not tested. Someone with a Mac system will have to do that.


First ensure you have the following installed on your system:

Clang 3.4+, cmake, git, patch, Python, libssl-devel (openssl)
lzma-devel, libxml2-devel, the bash shell wget and openssl.

Secondly clone the osxcross repository:

git clone

Last but not least patience. 🙂

Simple approach

cd osxcross
wget -nc
mv MacOSX10.10.sdk.tar.xz tarballs/

If all went fine, we are going add this to the path variable

export PATH=${PATH}:${HOME}/osxcross/target/bin

or similar. You might want to add this to your .bashrc so the compiler are always detected.

Complex Approach

NOTE: You need an Apple ID for this,

If the simple approach does not work, because the link is broken you might have to

  1. [Download Xcode:] **
  2. [Mount Xcode.dmg (Open With -> DiskImageMounter) ***]
  3. Run: ./tools/ (from the OSXCross package)
  4. Copy the packaged SDK (*.tar.* or *.pkg) on a USB Stick
  5. (On Linux/BSD) Copy or move the SDK into the tarballs/ directory of OSXCross.

— Xcode up to 11 GM is known to work.
— Use Firefox if you have problems signing in.

— If you get a dialog with a crossed circle, ignore it.
— You don’t need to install Xcode.

Packing the SDK on Linux:

This method may require up to 25 GB of free disk space.
An SSD is recommended for this method.

  1. Download Xcode like described in ‚Packaging the SDK on Mac OS X‘
  2. Install clang, make, libssl-devel, lzma-devel and libxml2-devel
  3. Run ./tools/ <xcode>.xip
  4. Copy or move the SDK into the tarballs/ directory

Now it is time to build the toolchain:


Macports for other dependencies

Good news, after building the toolchain you already have access to mac ports.

Add another export to your .bashrc:


and you are good to go.

Now let’s install what the Commander Genius sources require:

osxcross-macports install libsdl2 libsdl2_mixer libsdl2_image libsdl2_ttf curl lua

That’s gonna take some minutes.

Build Commander Genius

Get the sources

git clone

and build it:

mkdir CGBuildMac
cd CGBuildMac
export CG_SOURCES=<Your CG-Sources>
export OSXCROSSPATH=${HOME}/workspace/osxcross
export OSXOPT=${OSXCROSSPATH}/target/macports/pkgs/opt
x86_64-apple-darwin14-cmake ${CG_SOURCES} -DOSXCROSS=1 -DUSE_OPENGL=0 -DUSE_BOOST=0 -DSDL2_INCLUDE_DIR=${OSXOPT}/local/include/SDL2 -DSDL2_MIXER_INCLUDE_DIR=${OSXOPT}/local/include/SDL2 -DSDL2_INCLUDE_DIR=${OSXOPT}/local/include/SDL2

Now you have a binary called CGeniusExe under src.

Create a bundle for others

Unfortunately I cannot use CPack for this, since it is missing in the toolchain, so I decided to build it manually. I might improve this process later on. The script


will create an app bundle and pack into a DMG for users to download.

Special thanks to the author of osxcross toolchain, tpoechtrager

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